Importing Youtube Audio (Custom Lessons)

I want to be able to upload audio from youtube videos as efficiently as possible. I currently do this for songs, although in the future I may also do it for famous speeches. I’m not sure if there is some highly efficient way to do this; preferably I could just copy a youtube URL and paste it somewhere on and the site could handle the rest, although I’ve heard some people have had to go through more tedious processes to achieve the same thing, such as going to a separate website to extract the audio from the video. Also, I don’t want the youtube video to play, I just want the audio to be there.

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The chrome Add On does this automatically, and works very well. You just press a button and select the course and it’s done.

only if there’s subtitles included. it would be nice if it would just import everything except the subtitles and then require you to add the subtitles yourself although that would probably really complicate the code

You can import YouTube videos into LingQ, including the transcript (must have CC enabled in the video), audio, and video with a click of a button. You just need the LingQ extension for whichever browser you are using.

Ok, but what if I only want the audio, not the video?

Use this link to download the audio from YouTube:

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Ok, I’ll try that, thanks.

If you want to download it from youtube just take YouTube to MP3 Converter