Importing Words Via CSV File

I wasn’t sure how to do this initially and upon googling the issue it seemed that a lot of people encountered errors as well. Furthermore, in the said forums where people were discussing possible solutions there didn’t seem to be any definitive answer/solution.

I’m uploading a screen recording here of how I managed to do it (keeping in mind that I am using a Mac). I hope this helps anyone else because it is a fantastic feature of Lingq, especially when watching a series and encountering a new word. It just saves a lot of time compared to writing it down.


Screen Recording: ImportingWords.mp4

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Excellent, Christian!

This is a feature I wanted to test as well because I have a CSV file (from Rememberry SRS, a Google Chrome extension) that I’d like to use in LingQ.
When I first tried to import this file into LingQ a few weeks ago, it didn’t work.
I’ll probably have to make some adjustments to the CSV file first…

Have a nice day

Great to hear! Hope it works out for you :slight_smile: Definitely can NOT understate how happy I am that it works as it has streamlined a LOT of work flow haha.

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Great to hear!
I’d also prefer to use the LingQ SRS for my CVS file -
instead of, for example, Anki and Co.
I’ll report…

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