Importing vocabulary

I use Google Translate when I want to look up a word or phrase that I don’t understand in Spanish or French. I would like to find a way to import my list of words to LingQ so that I can have everything in one place. How can I do this? Thanks.

You could just import your list of words as a lesson.

You can import words on the Vocabulary tab, on the Home page. You can import multiple terms at once through the CSV file.
The columns in CSV file should be:
TERM - Word which you want to import in your study language
PHRASE - Sentence that include that word
TAG1 - Here you can add tag for a word, for example noun, verb etc… or anything else you need so that you can later filter them out on the Vocabulary page. (tags are optional)
TAG2 - You can add more tags if you want
HINTLANGUAGE1 - Your native/dictionary language in which you want to add translation
HINT1 - Translation for a word