Importing vocabulary to another site

I was wondering if there was a way to import your LingQs to another site such as Memrise. I was a huge fan of Memrise because that’s how I started out. It was fine for starting out, the SRS program was pretty challenging, and it really helped me remember stuff even though it was more close to pure memorization which in reality, I’m not much of a fan of.

Uploading stuff to Memrise is slow, because you have to do it one word at a time. I was wondering if anyone had something easy to use like Memrise or know of a way to import vocabulary from LingQ?

Access the Vocabulary page, then select your LingQs and click on “More Actions…” button. You’ll see an option to export LingQs in CSV file.
Most of sites (probably Memrise too) accept CSV files for import.