Importing vocabulary csv file

Hi everyone,

I have just started with LingQ and want to import vocabulary from another program. Fairly large amount - some 22,000 words and translations. However, looking at the form it says I have to label colums as:

term, phrase, tag1, tag2, meaninglanguage1, meaning1, meaninglanguage2, meaning2

However, I only have 1) the term/word/phrase 2) the translation. How should I set out the CSV file? Do I have to include all those columns even if they are empty?

Thanks for any help you can provide

The required fields are:

  • Term
  • Phrase
  • Meaninglanguage1
  • Meaning1

The term is what goes in the phrase. The phrase is necessary so that you can do a fill in the blank vocabulary review activity. You also need the meaning (the translation), and you must indicate the language of the meaning.

Here’s more info: How to import vocabulary

Thanks Shelbina! Presumably if I don’t have the phrase for some of the words, the vocabulary will still be imported, I just won’t be able to do the blank vocab review

Btw the admins - just so you are aware this instruction page and the vocabulary upload page currently don’t match, so would be worth changing How to import vocabulary

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@ryan1992 That’s correct.

Thanks Zoran - a final question: is there a way, when importing vocabulary, to set that the word is already known? I.e. to grade it on the 1-5 system LingQ uses. Thanks for the assistance

There’s no way to mark a word as Known when importing it. However, you can do a “mass update” to select items from your Vocabulary list once imported. Check the boxes to the left then click More Actions…

Thank you, it’s been updated.

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Ok so I am having a few problems setting this up correctly. When I try to import a csv file using the rubrics mentioned in the now updated guide, lingq comes back with you need to use: “term, phrase, tag1, tag2, hintlanguage1, hint1, hintlanguage2, hint2” When I try that instead, I get an internal error.

So any further advice on how to import the vocabulary (or whether this is just an internal error) would be much appreciated!

@ryan1992 Make sure to use the language code instead a full language name under the “hintlanguage” column. I see that you are learning German, so make sure to add “de” instead of “german”. I assume that’s the problem, but if not, let me know.

Thanks - this was Latin actually - what is the language code for that?

And just a quick note again, if that is case worth updating this info page once more (where the example shows ‘English’ rather than the code)

Right, just managed to import a csv file for German (this time using the language code and using the headings asked for by the form, not in the newly updated guide). This time, it saved my words but no definitions. Would I be better off emailing technical support?

I can’t post screenshots here I think but this latest file used term phrase tag1 tag2 hintlanguage1 hint1 as the headings with my translations under ‘hint1’ so I am not sure why those weren’t imported.

And (sorry to post so much - just trying to work out what is and isn’t working with this system), I tried a second time using those new headings suggested in the support post above (meaning, rather than hint format) and again the file wouldn’t upload.

@ryan1992 Sure, feel free to send your CSV file to support(at) and I’ll take a look.