Importing videos from youtube

Somebody knows how to searcn on youtube videos on target language with subtitles on the target language?

that should be ideal to download the audioo and the subs from the video and import it to Lingq, specially bloggers.

Hey, try seaching whatever topic you’re interested in using your target language on YouTube. Then you can go to a website called “Downsubs” to download the subtitles (copy the video URL). You can also search “YouTube to MP3” for a YouTube to MP3 converted for just the audio. Then you should be able to add all that as a lesson in LingQ. Hope that helps!

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Sort of related, but I’ve been trying to extract subtitles from YouTube without success. The problem is, they aren’t LingQ friendly. The Closed Caption format ends up with the subtitles becoming full of numbers and spaces, where one page will only be 2 lines of text.

Hi, the problem that is hard to find videos on the target language with subtitles on the target language. I wonder if youtube has an option to look for videos in Russian with Russian subtitles.

One problem is the poor quality of many subtitles. A lot of them are automatically generated with many wrong words and without any punctation.

Go to YouTube and search for something in your target language, I recommend that you use the most used words in your target language, for exemple, if I want to find something in Russian, I would search “и” “как” and so on.
Then, click on filters on the upper right corner.
In the tab “features”, select “Subtitles/CC”
You should be supposed to find only results in your target language, try to use only one word in your search in order to get the most results.
Try different words in your target languages to get different results.
Hope that helps.