Importing using Epubor software

I sprung for ePubor Ultimate to be able to import books from Google Play. Is anyone else using it? I’ve reached the point of having the book exported into ePubor, but don’t know how to get it out of there and into Lingq. Any advice?

I haven’t used it with kindle lately so no idea if it works (it seems they get it working then Amazon changes it) but it works great for Google Play.

Just decrypt the book. That should automatically save a decrypted epub. Go ahead and right click it and open location to see it in your file browser. Then open LingQ using the correct language of course and then import the ebook. Should be drag and drop. Love my Epubor software. I had doubts but I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of it.


I have been using Epubor Ultimate for over two years.

Once you have removed the DRM with Epubor, just click on the blue folder icon at the bottom right of the Epubor window. This will lead you to the folder where your file has been downloaded.

Once you have located your file, import it into Lingq using the importer or manually copy each chapter.