Importing text - issues

When I import texts from websites, the imported texts are shown as if it were a long single sentence without spaces. It’s hard to study the texts which should contain interveiws. I didn’t have this problem before. Anyone any thought on this?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! Would you let us know what site you’re importing from and how you’re importing the lessons?

I was importing transcripts from using ImportBookmarklet (selecting a text and clicking on the ImportBookmarklet.

Thanks! It does look to be an issue both with the Import Bookmarklet and with the Chrome Extension. I’ve reported this to our development team and we’ll see what we can do to get this working again!

Thanks, alex

Just a heads up that this issue will be fixed with our next update - until then I would recommend importing the old-fashioned way. I’ll let you know when the update has been made!

alex, it appears that the issue has been resolved. I just imported an article from and the article didn’t get re-formatted after the import. Thanks for the fix!

Yes, sorry! A quick fix was pushed late yesterday so I was going to post here this morning but you beat me to the punch :slight_smile: