Importing podcasts

Is it possible to import podcasts from any source? I’ve tried a few places and can only import a link rather than the podcast itself. As the majority of material I want to use on LingQ is podcasts, this is limiting it’s usefulness for me and I’m getting a little frustrated.

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I have the same problem. Basically no, not without a huge kerfuffle.

I have two tricks up my sleeve:

(1) on my Mac I can download Apple podcasts and use admin privileges to find the file and send it up to Lingq for transcription and add that audio to a playlist and

(2) also on my Mac I installed “VB-Cable” which lets send any audio to any other app. Using VB-Cable I play audio into the Apple Quick-Time Player to record it, and then I can once again create a Lingq lesson from the audio - using Lingq’s ability to create a transcript.

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I’ve found that there are some podcast websites like podbean that allow you to download the mp3 of the podcast episode (and then I upload to lingq and have it transcribed). Podbean isn’t nearly as extensive as Spotify or Apple Podcasts (and won’t have much for small languages) but I find many of the foreign podcasts I like are there and for others I just start searching random words in the target language like “history” or “news” to see what’s available.


Which podcast web sites are you referring to? Podbean seems to be a service for podcast creators rather than a place to listen to podcasts.

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Podbean .com. just use the search bar at the top of the page.


Cool. Tried it and will search more. I’m always mining for new material.

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