Importing PDFs into LingQ

I have found a couple of PDFs that I would like to import into LingQ. I am looking for a relatively easy way to import them into LingQ.

The easiest way that I can think of is to install calibre and convert the PDF to Word documents, so that you can easily copy paste the text for importing. I the calibre software should be fairly easy to install, for someone who is not a tech genius.

The link is to a calibre installment and usage tutoring video


Just use the relatively new feature “Import Ebook” under the big plus sign top right of screen. I’ve used it several times and it works beautifully. It really has saved me oodles of time. It is literally click and point to your PDF. The only downside might be that it splits into lessons of a certain number of words each (I think 2,000) which you may not like, but it doesn’t bother me.

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It depends if the PDF is a scanned document or a text document. PDF supports both. If it’s scanned from a book you will need OCR, and the best I’ve found is MS Word. Then you can just copy\paste it.

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I can import a pdf into LingQ straight from my phone by going to instead of using the app. Then I’m able to click the plus button at the right. Then I click import eBoook.

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I just want to add some advices to @Swedishfinngermanophile
New office support pdf files. I dont remember when they allow it. Probably with Office 2013

you can save them as docx. I highly recommend you to save them as docx. You can prevent annoying font suprises when you read and line breaks as well.

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