Importing only half of the Video

Hey guys,

facing a problem which occurred a couple of times already. I’m trying to import a Video from YouTube (in my case in italian with italian subs) which has a length of 17 minutes something. But Lingq imports only 3 minutes of that video, basically cutting the first 15 minutes text and audio. The file than is named title (2) and has only the last 3 minutes of the content.

Someone has a solution for it? Having issues with importing Videos from YouTube quite regularly.


Thanks for reporting. Can you please post a link to that video? Thanks!

It was this video: l'Austria non fu vittima dell'aggressione nazista: ecco perché - YouTube

Having said that, tried it with chrome instead of firefox and it worked. With firefox the problem remains however.


Thanks for letting us know, we will look into it.

Can you please check if you have the latest LingQ Firefox extension installed?

The last version wasn’t installed, automatic updates were disabled. Don’t know why. Maybe that was indeed the issue. Thx for helping out zoran.

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Should be working properly now then. :slight_smile: