Importing Olly Richard's "Short Stories" books

Hi, I’m fairly new to LingQ, and though I’ve been Googling and otherwise search for all the videos and posts I can find on how to import e-books and audiobooks to, I have yet been able to find any instructions that make the process crystal clear.

Currently, I’m learning Italian, I’ve just finished working through the first short story in Olly Richard’s book, which has kindly been made freely available here. Now I’d love to import the other stories in the book as well as the audio, but I can’t figure out how best to do that. (For example, I have an Audible account, so I could buy the audio there, but I’m not sure how then to get it on site. And I’m wondering whether buying the ebook on Amazon will enable me to import it directly to LingQ or whether I’ll need to somehow “reprocess” the text first.)

If anyone could point me to a YouTube video or a blog post or some such to help me out, I’d appreciate it tremendously!

Many thanks!

Hi Play! Welcome to LingQ!
Please take a look at these two blog posts for detailed information on importing:
How to import and study books on LingQ

The Complete Guide to Importing on LingQ - LingQ Blog

is there any books or novels in english

Olly Richards has published the same Short Stories For Beginners books in a variety of languages, including English, so if you had the e-book version and the audiobook version you would be able to upload them to your LingQ account:

On an unrelated note, are you a native-level speaker of either Urdu or Punjabi? I’m kind of vaguely on the lookout for people who might be able to contribute to the mini-stories translation project for both those languages.

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i am native Urdu speaker but i am interested to improve my skills in english so are you interested to work with me in whatsapp

Cool. I’ll PM you my number.

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Okay, apparently I can’t do that. Maybe a computer glitch. Can you message me on (UK code +44) seven nine seven one, six eight four nine seven four?