Importing novels

I want to import Sartre La Nausée or Houellebecq novels - has anyone else ever managed to import to this a novel they may own on a kindle and how did they go about it and what problems did they encounter? Why can’t I see any French novels already on here - is it a copyright issue? Or maybe I am not looking in the right place…

On kindle most books are protected with DRM. If you want to import a book in LINGQ, you must have a DRM-free copy. There must be ways to remove DRM from a book on kindle, but I think it is difficult.

Public posting of copyrighted material is forbidden. Yes, you might see a few that have eluded being reported and removed, but none-the-less that is the law and the rule.

Importing a novel you own privately to your own account requires a DRM-free copy of the ebook (an ebook without Digital Rights Management / copy protection) in one of the following formats:

Kindle ebooks have DRM which would need to be removed. This is typically done using the Calibre ebook library manager and the noDRM plugin. Search these forums or those at for more information regarding these tools.

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This question is getting answered a lot lately. It was asked yesterday…the title is something about importing Amazon books. Answers in there (on how to import).

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