Importing new lessons

As a returning user, it is disappointing to see that import function is even worse that it was before. The method of editing a lesson seems to have been implemented in the most ridiculous way.

I’ve imported a couple books / PDFs, and the formatting is just wrong, and trying to fix it is trial and error, as well as time consuming.
There needs to be a better way than this, right?

What exactly are you confused with on the edit lesson page?

I think you’ve misunderstood. I’m not confused, I think it’s a horrible implementation of what should be a fairly simple process. I’ve looked at a few lessons that have been imported by others, and the formatting for those is also pretty bad.
I suppose I want my imports to resemble the actual book, but it seems LingQ doesn’t really
understand sentences, paragraphs or chapters.

Are there any plans to improve the Netflix import?

I agree that the new reader still has a lot of issues that need to be addressed. I have given up on trying to import PDFs because the formatting is just all over the place.

The latest bug on the web version is that that there is a new paragraph for every sentence. It even affects previously imported lessons. I hope they fix this soon.

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The feature where it creates new paragraph breaks throughout the imported text

Interesting, for me the formatting has been better (non PDF ebooks that I converted to mobi). Maybe try copying the PDF text to a text only application first and then import?