Importing? Need help on podcast, RadioAmbulante

Really love this app but feel not enough details on how to import things. I love RadioAmbulante podcast in Spanish but when I import it the audio is not there? It actually worked one time for me when the show did not split but when the podcast splits into versions 1-3 then the audio is gone?? Any tips on where to find good info on importing, such a vital function to use this app to its fullest and no good info on how to do it. Thanks for any help.

LingQ already has the audio and transcript together for RadioAmbulante. Check out Login - LingQ. When you import something, it is my understanding that you have to import both the audio and the words if you want to hear and read something at the same time.

I know alot of RadioAmbulante courses are already on LingQ with audio and text but not all of them are. So I was asking how to import them myself which is what I was having trouble with. Any tips on how to import these podcasts correctly?

I am no expert, but this is what I did:

  1. Imported the text into LingQ, which splits it into parts.
  2. Downloaded the audio from RadioAmbulante to my computer.
  3. Used Audacity to edit the audio, splitting it into parts at the same places that the text was split.
  4. Uploaded each new audio file and attached it to the right LingQ lesson.

Since I wasn’t sharing these lessons, I soon decided that the amount of work required wasn’t worth it. After that I didn’t bother to attach audio to the LingQ lessons. I just listened to the audio playing from the RadioAmbulante site while I read the lesson at LingQ.

Of course, that means that the time spent listening to those lessons is not automatically recorded by LingQ. However, you can enter it manually on your profile page if you are trying to keep an accurate record of listening time.