Importing MP3 files using an iPad


I’m trying to import some content using an iPad. It seems to only give me the option to import text or a URL, and not an audio file. Is that right?

I don’t have iTunes on there, so possibly that is the issue? The files I have are MP3s saved on Google drive and iCloud desktop.

I normally use my laptop to import stuff, so I am not used to using my iPad - am I missing something? Any advice much appreciated

At the moment on the app you can import lesson through URL (in some cases, like for example when importing YouTube videos) you will get audio too automatically. Or you can import text only by copy-pasting it.

The full import lesson page, like on the website version, doesn’t exist on the app at the moment. But still, you can import text on the app, then generate the audio (TTS) in a lesson once you open it.

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Thanks for explaining