Importing Lesson Problems Lately

I’ve lately been experiencing problems importing subtitles from Youtube, Netflix, or manually putting text directly on the LingQ website (standard website, not the Beta site). If the text goes past 2000 words and the lessons have to auto create multiple lessons, the extra lessons are completely scrambled and unreadable MOST of the time. Not every time but lately it feels like 9 out of 10 times. I haven’t had problems importing ebooks though but everything else, yes.

With Dutch I have this problem when the import splits into multiple parts (both YouTube and epub/txt/pdf). I noticed when I hit full text it looked normal, but on the regular lingq section the words were pressed together and couldn’t be clicked. In the lesson editor I resplit text on the lessons and it fixed them.

For arabic, I plan to study it sometime next year so I’ve been preparing import courses. Articles from import fine. Epub uploads also work fine. I haven’t had any import problems with arabic at all. Yet I have them constantly with Dutch.

Exactly my problem too with text being pressed together in Portuguese. Interesting this doesn’t happen with a different language script like Arabic. When you edit them are you just manually creating new lessons or did you somehow correct it?

I open the broken lesson, click “edit lesson” in the “…” hover menu, and then click the “resplit text” button in the lesson editor. After that I “save and open” the lesson and the words aren’t pressed together anymore. Resplit text fixes the current lesson so I don’t have to create a new one. If you try it for Portuguese let me know if it works. :slight_smile:

Awesome, i wasn’t aware of that button. It fixes everything. Thanks for the help!

Glad to hear you figured it out. Thanks for helping @anon248023!