Importing Korean books

First, using Lingq again has been amazing for improving my Korean vocabulary. I hardly use Anki these days because I’m having so much fun reading.

That said, I’d love to import more of my Korean books. I’ve already figured out how to do that with books purchased on Google Play, but not with books I purchased on Korean sites like Kyobo and Ridibooks.

Does anyone know how to import books from these Korean websites? They seem to use a different DRM (not Adobe, Kindle, etc.)

how were you able to import from Google Play?

I first exported the books to Adobe Digital Editions. (How to Read Google Play Books on Kindle/Kobo/Nook ( )

Then I opened the ADE book file in Calibre to remove the DRM. (You’ll need to download the De-DRM plugin for Calibre.)

It frankly took me weeks to figure out how to import my books onto Lingq. Now I just need to get my Korean books on here.:crossed_fingers: