Importing known vocabulary

I just attempted to import a list of ~4000 words that I already know from other SRS software. A few problems occurred:

  1. It seems only 1000 or so of the words were actually imported
  2. The words seem to have been imported as unknown words (marked as 1 on Lingq scale)
  3. I believe some of the words already marked known by Lingq were changed to unknown by importing this list.

How can I restore the account state to remove the failed import and then reimport the words as known?

Hi, can you please share the link to what did you import? So I can better understand and help you.

Hi, I copied a list of newline separated words from an excel file on my computer into the import words window, so there is nothing to link to.

Concretely it looked like this:

Looking into this more deeply, it seems like the best way to do this is probably to import everything with a specific tag, then in the vocabulary section of LingQ filter on that tag and repeatedly mark everything as known (unfortunately have to do this many times as the maximum you can select in a given view is 200 words).

If there is a better way to do this, please let me know!

It also looks like importing a word that you already know will overwrite the knowledge status for that word, which will make it very difficult to import new known words as I work through them in an independent SRS system? Is this a correct understanding of the situation?

Yes, that sounds like a good solution. Other than that, you can import Vocabulary through the CSV file, also assign a specific tag, and then later change their status.