Importing Kindle Books

I have a bunch of kindle books in two of my target languages that I would like to use with LingQ. Unlike a lot of people, I am not stuck on the DRM removal part. I was able to get that far without a problem (using Epubor). My problem is that when I convert from kindle format to txt most of the sentences don’t have space between them. Does anyone know a way to fix this besides doing it manually? One of my books is over a million words so it would take me ages.

I use a free program called “Calibre” to convert my eBooks. I usually use it to convert TO kindle format but it might work converting from kindle format.

I’ve recently tried converting a Kindle book using Calibre and an “anti-DRM” plug-in for Calibre and it seems that the latest version of Kindle for PC/Mac has defeated the plugin. I also tried downgrading the Kindle app but it kept updating it automatically even after I turned off updates. Has anyone come up with some other ways that may work in Sept 2020?

OP mentioned epubor. There’s another user on the boards who has used it as well with success. You have to pay for the software which may or may not be worth it to you.

If you have an actual kindle, you should be able to go to the amazon website to content management and “download for usb” (or something to that effect). You can then import into Calibre and convert to mobi (might still need the anti drm plugin but not 100% sure). Then import. Try it regardless, because the Kindle for PC download is not crackable as you’ve experience in Calibre (although it sounds like epubor can).

p.s. looks like there’s a free trial of epubor…so you may be able to verify it works before purchasing.

If you open the .txt file in a notebook, you can replace “.” by ". " (with a space after the dot). That should separate the sentences. “Replace” is a command that can be applied to the whole document, you need not do that one by one.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look at epubor.

Note: Just checked and epubor is on sale for $24.99 and does have a free trial which has a few limitations but should be able to partially do what I need.

Posting an update - I did try epubor and it worked! I did need to downgrade my version of the Kindle for PC software and make sure that updates were turned off. The free trial will only convert about 20% of the book. I purchased a one year license for $24.99. Well worth it to me.

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Great! Good to have some additional confirmation that it works.