Importing Japanese Text

When I go to import Japanese texts it seems the words are divided up randomly (or maybe not?) so once the lesson is created I then have to go through the lesson to slowly double check and divide the words up properly with spaces. This isn’t too much of an issue at the moment as the dialogues I’m importing are very short, but when I get to the stage later on of importing massive blocks of text I don’t really want to have to spend time going through the whole lot. Is this a known issue? or does it improve later on when you start using more Kanji and less Kana?

It does get better but it’s not perfect and by the time you are ready to import larger chunks of text you’ll find yourself ‘fixing’ less and less words.

Ok thanks. This is good info. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to change the reading of a Kanji or is it stuck on 1 by default?

I think it’s not possible, but if the reading of a word/kanji is different I just include it with the definition

Ah. I shall do that then. Thanks again.