Importing Issues

We are very sorry that importing and lesson creation is temporarily down. It is a database issue we are working to resolve. We will post updates here.


Still running some processes to update the database I’m afraid. Unfortunately, this process just takes time. Hopefully, we will have better news soon.


How much time do you think it will take?

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No problem. I appreciate the update. Have a Merry Christmas!


How about a how to import from an android phone?

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any new updates on importing issues?

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Sorry! I wish I had better news but we are still waiting for processes to finish running in the new database setup. There is a lot of data and it just takes time. Hopefully, I will have better news tomorrow Vancouver time.

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You can’t import from Android right now either since it also relies on our database to import into. However, when it’s back working you can import using the share menu in Chrome from any web page you visit.

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I was finishing my daily reading yesterday just as the issues began. I know I reached my daily LIngQ goal; however, I’ve got an email that my streak was broken. On the other hand, my profile shows an unbroken streak. Not sure if my streak is safe or not. I suppose I should just wait and see?

Your efforts to fix this over the festive period are greatly appreciated. Just one question - will the database update affect any Linqs we’ve been creating over the last couple of days? Merry Christmas to you and the team


We apreciate your effort in these days . We wait with interest. Merry Christmas for all LingQ’s members !


Not to worry, only importing of lessons is impacted. All existing lessons imported or from the library and any work that you do is will not be affected. Merry Christmas all and thanks for your continued patience.


I tried importing lessons, but failed. And now I know the reason. Looking forward to the solution…

Ignore my email on this subject! I just saw the update banner on the main site!

Thank you so much for your efforts, especially during the holiday season!

Everything is working again!

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Thank you so much, I’m sure it was difficult to sort the problems out. I have been waiting to import something for days, wonderful!!!

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Is there also a problem with creating new threads? I don’t see a menu for creating new threads.

Thanks for your patience everyone. Importing is working properly again now.


Congratulations !

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To create new threads go to the main page for a particular forum.