Importing Guide

Import your content easily on desktop or mobile!

If a student wants to learn from content that is not in the LingQ library, we created the tools to make that possible!
This is where things get really fun. As a teacher, you can encourage students to learn by watching Netflix or Youtube... and they'll actually learn!

You can import manually or with our extension tool. For importing from desktop, please install our import browser extension:
How it works: When a video or Netflix episode is imported, the closed captioning turns into a transcript in the LingQ Reader. Students must read this transcript, either during or after watching, multiple times. While reading, they'll create LingQs and mark words as Learned or Known. This way, their statistics reflect their studies.

Import Guides.

How to Import Content into LingQ (Web 5.0 tutorial).

How to Import E-books into LingQ.