Importing graded readers

I guess there is no solution, but has anyone found a satisfatory way to import graded readers? (i.e. books that have a lot of explanatory text in your native language). When I do this with Chinese graded readers I spend lots of time erasing English “blue words”…


Just yesterday I wrote about how strange it is that LingQ even considers words in the Latin alphabet to be “lingqable” in Chinese languages. I have never seen a use in those showing up as LingQs and always ignore them or try to remove them beforehand. In my opinion they should be treated like numbers (123). Slow Loading After Using Lingq For Years. - Language Foru...

Regarding the removal, have you tried regex? Maybe something like \p{Latin}?

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Thanks. I know how to remove latin words and pinyin using Notepad++, but this is a pain. I wondered if Lingq could fix this.

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