Importing from YouTube with Chrome extension not working

When I try to import a German video on YouTube using the chrome extension, I just get a blue window saying “Importing…” - forever. Nothing gets imported to my LingQ library at all.

I tried removing and reinstalling the extension, rebooting the machine, all to no avail. I’m using a MacBook Air running Catalina.

Example German video that I couldn’t import:

Hi, Jamie!

I just tried to import the German video on my Linux system with Google Chrome: The text is imported and the video is displayed in LingQ, but the audio track isn’t immediately available because the audio conversion takes a few minutes.

I doubt that this is a problem of the Mac OS. It’s more a problem of the browser,
especially the add-on level.

  • Option 1: Try to disable all other Chrome extensions, and then try again. There’s probably some interference from other extensions.
  • Option 2: Use the add-on for Firefox - initially without other add-ons.
  • Option 3: Try to import the video into LingQ without using a browser extension.

If all three options fail, it’s best to contact the LingQ support.

I hope that helps…

Have a nice day

Thanks Peter!
I gave up on Chrome and tried the Firefox extension which worked a treat!

Thanks again!

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Glad to hear Firefox extension worked out for you. I tested this video you posted above with Chrome extension and it worked fine for me on Chrome too. Lesson imported successfully with both subtitles and audio (video too of course).

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