Importing from YouTube not grabbing all transcript

I’m trying to import this:

The video is just under 45min long, and previous two episodes have loaded fine via Android. BUT… whenever I try to import this one via android, it only loads to just under 15 min worth of transcripts and then stops like it thinks it’s done. Reloading and/or hitting the right pointing button on the title control don’t seem to work like they have for prior episodes.

I’ve also tried loading up a transcript I copy/pasted to a docx in a browser hoping it would work, but no such luck.

I’ve tried clearing cache on the phone, deleting previous imports from the web browser version, etc.

I’m also sincerely wishing there was a clear way to just wipe the ‘import’ pile clean and start over, because that would be my first move if I could find a way to do it. I did restart my phone and clear cache/memory in the app since it was what I could come up with.

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate this.