Importing from Wikipedia

In the past I’ve imported a few articles from Wikipedia but now every time I do it it gives me an error message. It even happened with one I’ve already imported, so I don’t think it is something about the articles themselves.

i’m having the same problem

Which error message exactly you see?

Wikipedia may be blocking your plugin for too much load. If so, I recommend the lingq team to reach out to wikipedia team to explain this is not really a commercial enterprise, and maybe they will unblock you.

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0: Sorry! It looks like this page can’t be imported. Please try another site or page.

Problem solved! I’ve been using an extension called wikiwand, which makes it easier to read wikipedia articles. The import extension does not work with that other extension, so you need to disable it in order to import.

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Perfect! Glad to hear you figured it out. :slight_smile: