Importing from epubor?

Learning to import ebooks to Lingq has been quite a challenge. I think I am finally close. Hope you can help! I tried Calibre but couldn’t sort that out…sigh. Switched to Epubor…much easier. I removed the DRM, it’s an EPUB file…

And still I get the same error when I try to upload to Lingq. I thought perhaps I was still uploading from Adobe into Lingq, so I removed the DRM from those too. But it didn’t help. I think I could learn Chinese more easily than this.

Bottom line…once a book is in Epubor, DRM removed, EPUB file…now what? Do I need to download it to my computer? If so how?

After purchasing the book, you need to open it with Adobe before removing the DRM.

If you have done this correctly (it sounds like it from your post), then click on the blue folder icon which is located on the bottom right of your epubor screen (next to the button convert to epub).

This will lead you to the folder where your download is located.

You should see your Epub file and it will have the extension _nodrm at the end.

You can then import the file into Lingq. Or, if you prefer to have one lesson = one chapter, open the file with a Chrome extension called Epubpup (with a cute dog icon) and copy/paste your chapter manually.

Just remember to keep your import private so we don’t run into any trouble.

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THANK YOU!!! You have helped me twice now. I decided to try Epubor because of an older post from you. And now you helped me again. I am so excited to be able to read the books I want to in my target language. With your help I was able to upload all the books. Thank you again!

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You are very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad I could help.

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