Importing from behind a paywall


I am wondering, is it possible to import articles, etc if they are behind a paywall?

Are there copyright issues to consider or are some sites preventing it actively?

For context: I am thinking of getting a subscription to the newsletter LeMonde or to buy one of their online publications and would love if I could use the LinkQ reader with them.

Thanks already for you replies and stay healthy everyone :smiley:

We do already have LeMonde available under the News Feed tab for French on the Lessons page.
So the answer on your question is yes, you will be able to import their material and you can import any other copyrighted material too, just make sure to keep those imports private on your account.

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I’ve seen the articles in the News Feed tab as well, but sometimes these are not fully available, the last few sentences of the import are simply the explanation that the rest of the article is for members only. Which makes sense, because thats how the LeMonde website presents those articles.

But if your sure there is no issue once I am able to access the full article on LeMonde as long as I keep the import private then thats really helpful!!

Hey S-Up! Check out my post on LeMonde before you sign up with them.
Later I found out you can unsubscribe from them online by filling out a form.
(which they make extremely difficult to find)
Le Monde Website - Language Forum @ LingQ

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Oh wow, thanks!
That is really important to know!

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