Importing failed

Can’t import using Lingq extension anymore! It had no problem before, but since yesterday, I haven’t been able to import lessons at all… it says “Error - importing failed”


Sorry to hear that! What are you trying to import? Can you please try to reinstall the extension and let me know if that helps? Thanks.

I am generally able to import text articles (although I get an error every once in a while). But, I get an error every time I try to import a youtube video. I was able to import one video yesterday, but since then, I have gotten an error every time I try to import from youtube.

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Reinstalled the extension and still getting the error. This is what I’m trying to import: Rano Ujutru | HeyKids - Pesme za decu - YouTube

I did reinstall the extension and it has been giving me the same error… I have always been importing German articles, videos and audios from DW. Here is an example :ürtel-enger-schnallen/l-19536479

@covek Please try importing with video URL only, without the Playlist extension in it.
Give it a try: Rano Ujutru | HeyKids - Pesme za decu - YouTube

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@erinhye I reported this to our team, we will look into it.

Hi, zoran!

Maybe I’m wrong, but my impression is that most import errors are quite redundant For example: When trying to import

  • videos that have no (auto.-generated) subtitles
  • videos / audiobooks that are way too long
  • whole or parts from playlists
  • audio from Netflix

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to write an “Import Error FAQ” and / or make a corresponding YT video so that more LingQ beginners know what is and
what isn’t possible reg. LingQ imports?

This includes some basic info on how to write an “import error post” (being published in this forum). For example:

  • Which OS and which browser?
  • Which links didn’t work?
  • Which error message text was displayed?
  • What did you try before:? That is: Testing different browsers, testing different videos less than 54 min long and with subtitles, deactivating all other browser extensions, performing a Google search like “LingQ … specific problem XY”, etc.

This could be more efficient for LingQ beginners and at the same time help to reduce the redundancy of import error messages in this forum.

Have a nice day


Might be good for the error message itself to indicate some of these things (if possible). “error: importing failed” doesn’t give the user much to go on and just means frustration and a post to the message board. “Error: importing failed. Please import video outside of playlist” (not sure the best wording for this specific one, but you get my drift) gives the user some direction, or at least a cause.


Hi, Eric!

Yes, good point!
Programmers should write more specific error messages / exception texts (if possible!) so that regular users can understand what’s happening. Messages like:

  • “Error”
  • “Import error”
    are too generic to be useful!

Nice day

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Same for me I all ways get the same problem when I am uploading text with audio that are way too long. I got the text with the audio just for the first part. Then it depends sometimes I have the text with out the audio (most of the times), sometimes I do not get anything after the first part.

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Salut, ghislaintertrais!

Long e-books (i.e. several hundred pages) shouldn’t be a problem if they have the right format.
The import mechanism also works quite well for audio files shorter than 54 min. Therefore, you either need to import audio files that are already split (on YouTube), or you must break down the long audio files (e.g. audiobooks) yourself.
We’ve just discussed the why, the how and the possible legal issues for audiobooks in this thread:

But, IMO such info belongs in a publicly visible “Import Error FAQ” (text and / or video) because these questions come up again and again.

Bonne soirée

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Hi I too am having a problem importing a youtube video. It is 44 mins long but I have imported videos of that length before without problem. Usually it does it in 3 or 4 parts. What happens now (and I tried it yesterday and again today) is that I only get the first part. Here is the link of what I am trying to import. Nouvelles mesures sanitaires, campagne vaccinale... L’incontournable question éthique - YouTube

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Hi, sgjeffery!

It should work (I just imported this video) if you have selected the option “Subtitles/CC: French (Auto-Generated)”. Otherwise, that is: if the subtitles are “off”, the LingQ extension has nothing to import :slight_smile:

Ooops, no, you are right.
Only part 1 is imported, even after the message appears in LingQ that everything has been imported. This could be a problem with the “auto-generation” of the subtitles.

It’s probably better to contact LingQ support, i.e. the SW developers, because they should know if there are problems with auto-generated subtitles.

Have a nice day


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OK will do, thanks

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@sgjeffery Are you still stuck on Part 1 only with that video? Did additional parts appeared eventually?

Hi. I’m still stuck with just part 1.

Thanks. I reported the issue to our developers. Will let you know as soon as I hear back.

@erinhye Importing from should work properly again. Please give it another try.