Importing, Exporting from LingQ

Are there any plans to allow users to export word lists from LingQ? I am finding that adding words can be quite slow, so I’d like to get maximum benefit from the work I’m doing by being able to export them, say in csv format. Also, it would be nice to be able to import words into the system to add them to my list of flashcards.

Btw, I do know that it’s possible to print them.


ps. It’s a little difficult for me as yet to comment on the overall system as I am very new to it - and very new to learning Spanish!

We have plans to allow the exporting and importing of lists and the exchanging of lists between members.

We are working on significantly speeding up the process of saving words as well. We expect to be able introduce this fairly soon. Importing and exporting is further down the list of things we will be doing to improve LinqQ.

You can add words in the Vocabulary section. On the right side of the page, you will see New Term. You can enter a word into the box and create a LingQ for it. Unfortunately, you cannot yet import a whole list of words.

Appreciate the quick responses - and, yes, speeding up the input of words would definitely help!

Some ability to export vocab would be great for busy, and easily distracted users like myself. There are any number of available programs that allow you to create and study flashcards on your mobile phone or iPod. That functionality is great … I would find it VERY useful to be able to use spare moments through out the day, when away from the computer, to just reach in my pocket, pull out my phone, and review the Linqs from whatever material I am currently listening to.

The problem with most of these electronic flashcard programs is that the wordlists themselves are pretty artificial and, as Steve explained so clearly in his book, if vocabulary lists are not connected to real content or context, the exercise is pretty tedious and the content doesn’t really stick.

So if there was a quick and easy way to export precisely the vocab i am working on right now, from the Linq material I am listening to at the moment, and just as quickly and easily discard it when I move on to new material, that would be truly awesome. All sorts of time, in short 2 or 3 minute increments throughout my day (waiting on line at Starbucks, etc) could be put to productive use, reinforcing the work on Linqs I do when I am at my computer.

It should be fairly simple to do … most of the phone/iPod flash card applications seem to support simple imports from just an Excel file or .csv delimited file. If Linq could export short lists in that format, we would be in business!

We would love to have that capability and it is on our list. Hopefully, we can get to it in the next few months.

For now, you can try copying and pasting from the Vocabulary pages into a spreadsheet and then saving that file as .csv file. There will be some editing and manipulation required on the spreadsheet but it should work.