Importing ebooks

I recently imported an ebook as an EPUB file. LingQ 5.0 formatted it with paragraph breaks every few words, making it very difficult to select a phrase or multiple words. Is there an easy way to remove this formatting?

I made a tutorial about adding epub ebooks to Lingq recently.

To be fair, I never use the import function for ebooks as I find the formatting gets very messy.

Instead I do the following:

  1. Ensure the DRM is removed from your ebook.
  2. Open your epub file with a Chrome extension (I personally use EpubPup - the one with a cute dog icon)
  3. Copy and paste your text directly in Lingq using Ctrl Shift + V

It should prevent these annoying line breaks from popping up all over your text.


Where have you made this tutorial?

Btw, I always import ebooks in .txt.

It is actually a topic I created on this forum about adding Google Play Books to Lingq. Although I mention a Firefox extension in the OP, the same result can be achieved with the Chrome extension I talked about above.

This is the link you are referring to: [Tutorial] How To Import Google Play Books On Lingq - Lan...

What’s the benefit compared to importing on LingQ via .txt?

When you download Google Play Books, they come in two formats only : PDF and EPUB.

I have found PDFs a nightmare to import as the formatting is all over the place.

I prefer dealing with EPUB directly to avoid having to do the file conversion and avoid messing up the formatting and losing precious time.

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It makes sense. PDFs are indeed not so easy to deal with depending on how they are formatted. I don’t know about EPUB, for now.

The only way to do that at the moment is to manually edit paragraphs on the Edit Lesson page.