Importing ebooks from Amazon Kindle into Lingq

I’m having a hard time getting books moved over from Amazon Kindle into Lingq. Has anyone found a way to do this and can help me out?

Most Kindle books are encrypted. I use Epubor Ultimate to remove the encryption and then I can import it into my LingQ account.


Thanks. I will give it a try. Is Epubor Ultimate free?

No, it’s $30 for a year license or $55 for lifetime.

Thanks again. Purchased the lifetime and I have my license. However, I don’t see how I log in and can use it. Could you please explain?

Just follow the instructions. You need to download and install the older version of the Kindle program.

You can find the link to that here:

Here are the instructions for downloading and installing the Epubor program:

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Thanks I think I got it working, it even converted to an epub file despite being the trial version, seemingly (not sure if complete book though)

I use Calibre with a plugin which is free.

As pma04mts pointed out, it can be possible to do this with Calibre. It didn’t work for me, so ymmv, but for free, it’s worth trying.

It’s seems very hit or miss on who can do it through Calibre. I’m fairly confident anyone with an older kindle device can do it by going to the Amazon website and downloading “via usb” (something like this wording). Then converting in Calibre to mobi format (possibly still needing to use the DRM removal plugin, which I do have installed). Although some of tried instructions I’ve laid out before that had Kindle device and it didn’t work so, I don’t know.

What definitely doesn’t work is trying to convert the file from Amazon desktop in Calibre…unless potentially you have the older version of desktop as mycroft points out.

I’ve seen several report success with the epubor so that seems like a good final resort for those that haven’t been able to be successful via calibre.