Importing Easy Italian videos

Hi. I am learning Italian. I noticed the Easy Italian street interview videos are fantastic listening practice. They include natural speech from the Italian public.

The only issue is that they don’t have CC Italian subtitles that you can import into LingQ. The subtitles are written on the screen of the videos instead. This means when I import the transcript into LingQ, it is made up of auto-generated subtitles.

Does anyone upload Easy Italian street interviews and/or have found a way to get around the issue with uploading accurate subtitles?

I would recommend Easy Italian’s Patreon subscription, very user friendly and you’ll get a lot of benefit. On this app all audio is generated (( or is there a way around?


Hi Amarone,

Thanks for the tip! I shall give that a try.

At the moment I am watching YouTube vlogs by Italian teachers made for foreigners so they probably make their speech a little easier to understand.

But, I’d like to progress to stage of comprehending natural ‘street Italian’.

@foodle I signed up for Easy Italian’s Patreon, very helpful and user friendly. Thanks!

Agree with the suggestion to do a patreon description. It looks like it is set up just like Easy German. The basic level will give you the transcripts (usually the target language only, plus one with the both target and English). You can import the target language one into lingq…or import the youtube first. Go to “edit lesson”. “regenerate lesson” (which will make it fully editable), copy and paste the contents of the transcript from patreon onto the editable lesson and then “save” or “done” (or maybe it’s just “view lesson” at that point) and the proper transcript will have saved. You may need to go back in and edit the lesson to “generate timestamps” again.

In any event, to me it’s well worth it. It supports their channel and is a great source of authentic native speakers, unscripted (other than the questions that they are being presented).

Podcast level patreon will also get you a transcription player to their podcast which basically highlights a flowing transcript so you can follow along. Very helpful too (if you enjoy their podcast). You can copy and import those transcripts as well,

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If you like them, as others mentioned, the easiest way is to pay for their official transcripts. Second option is to download the YouTube videos as an .mp3, upload to LingQ, and generate the Whisper transcript. Whisper for Italian is quite decent (though, if you are still a beginner or lower intermediate, it’s probably better to stick with human-written subtitles).

That said, there are lots of good other YouTube channels and content you can study to learn Italian. I, personally, got past the beginner and lower intermediate stage without Easy Italian.

As an upper beginner/lower intermediate, I can recommend this:

It’s a bit of a faff to import into LingQ though (and I can’t share it, as the author doesn’t allow it).


Thanks! It has taken me a long time to reply but I’m really enjoying this novel! It’s a really page turner. I am real history fan so love this genre.

Can you recommend any other Italian novels?

As a graded reader, unfortunately not. I used it as a stepping stone to move onto more podcast style stuff. Piccola storia del’italiano - RAI Cultura is great and shared on LingQ, if you haven’t studied it yet.

Here’s my list of favourite Italian resources. Most start around the Intermediate 1 or above level though.

Thanks for you list of resources. I particularly like ‘Nova Lectico’ channel. I have also started listening to ‘Geopop’ which is similar. The TPRS version of ‘The Betrothed’ is perfect for my level of Italian. I can’t see any other way than to create about 100 lessons since the audio clips are short but that’s fine.

Thanks for introducing me to the idea of graded readers and helping my development. Have a good day!

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