Importing e-books

I’m trying to import e-books to lingQ. However, I’m spending a lot time doing that because the is has 200 pages because I need broke all the chapter by myself. Is there a way to do this easier? If not, I suggest for developer of lingQ 4.0 to make this easier, maybe as e-reader.


I usually simply convert the E-book to text format using, for example, calibre, or some online converter (google “epub to text converter” or similar) and copy-paste the whole text to Lingq. The system will chop it up in 2000-word chunks, which is ok for me.

Take a look at this blog post:
I hope that it can help you with this matter.

Thanks!! It will be very helpful!

I use Calibre to convert the file and then “copy all” and import the whole book and let LingQ split it up into lesson sized chunks for me.

I found it would crash when I pasted the entire book into the text box on the import page and pressed go. I import one chapter at a time.

Despite appearing to crash, I usually find the book has been saved when I return to the import lessons list. ‘Your mileage may vary’.

Maybe I just need to wait longer.