Importing E book from Amazon problems

Hi I have a kindle app on my computer and want to import it to Lingq as an ebook. I bought the book from Amazon. I cannot find a way to import it. I cant even find the download folder. All I can find is the actual book on my Kindle. Does anyone know how to import it from Kindle to here?

I have no experience with downloading kindle books. But there should be a way. Begin with downloading Calibre to your computer. Then, look for a plug-in that eliminates the DRM from the ebook. This plug-in is not yet in Calibre, you could find it on the internet. Once you have installed the plug-in you should be able to eliminate the DRM and import the book to Lingq.

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Hi, you’ll need:


that is Calibre and DeDRM Tools.


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You’ll need to turn the book into a plain text or rtf file. As described above, use Calibre with the DRM removal plug-in, then covert to a text doc before uploading.

It will require some trial an error, as well some modification of the workflow from time to time, but it’s totally doable.

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