Importing content into Lingq

I thing LingQ is a great tool the way it is. That said, I would like to provide some ideas on how the content is managed with the tool.

The concept of importing lessons allows a lot of flexibility for the learner. However, it also creates duplication. For instance, some of the content has been imported from podcasts published independently on the web. This content is useful, and I’m currently using a lot of it for learning French. I’m also importing content on my own. But then, this is duplicating content that has already been published somewhere else, and is not necessarily up to date with the latest developments of the podcasts.

On the other hand, I see a number of independent content providers who are creating blogs and podcasts for helping people learn a language. These people need a place to host their content. Maybe there are some podcast hosting solutions that offer a free service, but if one wants good quality, will probably need to pay for it. More on this here:
Everything You Need to Know About Podcast Hosting

I wonder if LingQ could be extended as a language blog/podcast hosting platform in order to attract more independent content providers to use it. For instance, perhaps you could provide podcast hosting as a service, and provide tools so that people can expose the content independently from LingQ as their own podcast, while at the same time sharing the same content internally to LingQ users. I’m not suggesting you offer hosting services for any type of podcasts – only language podcasts that fit a certain criteria.

Then I also noticed some people start out by providing content for free. But once they realize they have lots of subscribers (and perhaps some costs associated with hosting too), they start trying to figure out ways to monetize their podcasts. Some charge a monthly subscription fee, others charge a one time fee for the transcripts while providing the audio for free, etc. I wonder it LingQ could help people with that as well, while also offering an easy way to access paid content from within the tool for its users.

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@juliohart - We’re more than happy to have new podcasts on the site :slight_smile:

A couple of years ago we spent time contacting podcast providers directly, but found that it was challenging to convince them to put their podcasts on LingQ. Our efforts largely went unnoticed, and since then we’ve switched to a more passive approach with content. We do have premium lessons on the site, along with the ability to let providers sell lessons. This feature is reserved for content that is for sale or available on other platforms which providers want to also offer on LingQ.

At the moment our primary focus is on continuing to improve the functionality and usability of the site to help more people learn languages. We love having new content on the site, and invite people to keep sharing content through the site. For the vast majority of learners, there is enough content on the site to keep them busy for a while, and we want to help them take better advantage of the lessons that are already available.