Importing content and languages that aren't yet available

Hi, as much as I understand, we can import content to our workdesk without importing it to the store… Am I right?

Then, if that’s so… Can we for example put content in a language, like Latin, that isn’t available and that we don’t expect to have available because we can’t listen to native speakers and then, even if there isn’t any online dictionary for Latin, use the system in order to make flashcards and lists of vocabulary, that we can consult when we read new texts…? And also wouldn’t it be wrong if we put it, for example as an assignment on our native language?

Thanks in advance

You can certainly import Latin or any other language into the system. As you note, we won’t have a proper dictionary tie in but you can obviously use any dictionary you like with LingQ. As long as you are importing into a language that you are not otherwise studying, your statistics should still be accurate. All vocabulary functionality should work well for languages with spaces between words.

There is no problem using your native language. I just wouldn’t mix my Latin with another language I’m studying. In the future we may offer the ability to create custom languages.

Ok, thanks. Having the possibility to create custom languages would be cool!