Importing Books

Hello, Is it possible to import a book that I get for Kindle or off Google Playstore? I have a book I want to read, but I can’t find epub or PDF to import. I can buy a Kindle version or purchase a download through Google Playstore though. Are these file types able to be converted (or even the same)? If I can use one of these file types, how do I go about doing so?

kindle books usually have DRM

try downloading calibre (free) - you can usually covert it to a format that lets you upload it into LingQ and there is a DRM removal plugin (not sure if it works still)

someone else or the internet might have a better step by step guide on how to do it - i read webnovels so i’m not familiar with the kindle book process


Hi RockinRoo,

Yes, Calibre + the DRM removal plugin still work (I imported several Kindle books into LingQ a few days ago).

Here’ s the tutorial (for Windows):

Good luck,


Kindle is a bit difficult, but it’s easy to import from the Playstore.

  1. Buy the book you want.
  2. Export as epub (NOT as pdf)
  3. Open with Adobe Digital
  4. Remove DRM with epubor ultimate (it’s done in one click and much easier than with Calibre). Lifetime license cost me $39 and I have never regretted it.
  5. Open your ebook with an epub reader. My favourite is epub Pup.
  6. Copy and paste your chapters into Lingq.

“Kindle is a bit difficult,”
Not really.

I have removed the DRM from more than 50 Kindle e-books (sometimes with more than 1000 pages) since 2020. The removal process (see the tutorial I mentioned) is completely “straightforward”.
In short, it’s neither advanced IT nor rocket science - in fact, you don’t need any scientific knowledge at all :slight_smile:

Or to put it differently:
The combo “Calibre + DeDRM plugin” works like a charm in almost all cases - and it’s completely “free”.

Ergo, there is “zero” need to buy “epubor ultimate”, for example - at least for Kindle e-books.


Since almost all my Korean book purchases are from Google Playstore, this was very helpful. I was finally able to import an entire book in less than half an hour. Thanks!

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You’re welcome! Really glad I could help. :blush:

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Sorry if this is a little off topic, I just wonder if it will be possible to import books from Thanks.

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Maybe if you find a way to remove the DRM. Lingq won’t allow users to upload ebooks that are DRM-protected. I don’t know about Hoopla, but I know you can easily remove the DRM on books purchased from Google Play Books or Kobo. Maybe check our these websites to see if they have books you might be interested in.


Thanks, I will check these out.

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much everyone! You all are life savers! You have no idea how valuable your suggestions are. I am going to give them a try until I find one that works. I’m encouraged to know that I’ll be able to read what I want. :smiley:


Thank you so much for your instuctions for this! Quick question, do I have to use adobe digital? I will download it if I need too, but just wanted to check. I have a MacBook if that makes a difference :slight_smile:

Yes you need to download Adobe Digital and open the book with it before removing the DRM. I am pretty sure it works on Mac too.

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Thank you so much! It kept directing me to the App Store, but I was able to find the MacBook download! And Iwas able to import my first book! Thank you so much!