Importing books - LingQ Character Limit

I’ve been having trouble importing books recently with LingQ, and after one exchange it seems support has decided I’m not worth responding to.
I’ve been trying to import a couple different ebooks (converted from pdf to txt with Calibre) various times over the past month, and I keep getting a 500 error when I copy and paste the entire book into the import window. After doing some Googling, I’ve found old forum posts where others had encountered the same problem, and I’ve seen various numbers cited as the limit on imports (150K characters, 100K characters, 6K words) but there’s nothing that I’ve found from a real LingQ source that talks about this. So I wrote a python script and tried breaking the files up by 100K and 150K letters, but when I try importing then I still get the same error as before. I’m not importing an audiobook with it or anything, it’s just text, so I have no idea why it’s so difficult to get this into LingQ. I’ve imported another long book over a year ago with no issues, but I don’t recall at all how I did that or if I did anything special.

Does anyone know how to get around this/will this be fixed any time soon? Frankly, it’s stupid that a site dedicated to extensive reading makes it a PitA to import large amounts of text at once. I love this site and wish to keep using it, but if it’s this difficult to use it for its intended purpose, I’ll have to cancel my subscription and move onto using another solution. I’ve found old posts with programmatic work-arounds for this issue, has the API been updated so that people can upload text content from it yet?

I’m really hoping I’m missing something obvious or doing something stupid that can be fixed quickly, as this has been frustrating the hell out of me lately.

Hi John,
I was able to reproduce the issue with text you provided me via email. The issue has been reported to our development team and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from them.
It worked for me only when I splitted text you provided into smaller parts (less than 10K words), but it’s definitely not the way it’s supposed to work and longer text should be imported without problem too, since there is no any limit anymore.
Thanks for your patience!

Hey zoran,
Appreciate the response. Probably should’ve mentioned in the OP but I’ve had no troubles importing short articles, just books, which I don’t remember having previously (and like you said, I guess the limit was lifted). Hopefully it’s not a hard fix for the dev team, but on the bright side this has been a good chance to revive my French a bit…

Hi John,
Can you please try again? The issue should be fixed now.

Yes, it worked! Thanks zoran (and the rest of the LingQ team).