Importing books in to lingq

Steve and fftornay said they have uploaded to lingq the book время секонд хэнд.

Ive got the same book converted in pdf, and im trying to upload the text to LINGQ, but when i copy the text on to “import new lesson”, it appears all together, without any separation between paragraphs.

Please i´d like to know how can i import the book so the text will look the same as on the pdf, with the same paragraphs.

Thank you.

There are some suggestions here for getting around that problem:

I also imported this book and another, though I don’t recall the exact method I used. I usually use Linux, so my toolset is a bit different.

This is a very interesting book, though I did find it a bit repetitious after a while, and I have not finished it.

Good luck!

The online site that I bought my books from also delivered them in plain text format in addition to pdf and epub. I think that text format worked well for me. But it may also depend on the program that you use to view the text to deliver the proper formatting information when responding to the copy request.

I convert my books using Calibre and never have any problems.

I bought that book, along with a couple of others from The txt versions had some issues, so I converted the epub version to txt using an online converter, then copy-pasted from the txt file into Lingq and it worked like a charm.
I’m sure you can also convert pdf to txt online if Calibre’s not an option. Just google for a few solutions and compare them. In my experience some free converters are much better than others.

thanks for the replys, im going to try to pass the pdf file to .txt with calibre and i guess is gonna work.

You know what would be neat to have one day? To be able to have LingQ on say a Kindle or a Nook and be able to read books from there and LingQ on your e-reader device.


This is what works for me: right click the PDF file and open it with Microsoft Word. Then copy the text from Word to LingQ and it’ll retain the paragraphs

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I’ve got a nice e-book in Arabic, that I’d love to convert from PDF to some other kind of text, but everything I’ve tried messes up the font, the spaces between words or something similar. I could live with strange line-breaks and all that, if only the words were recognized correctly in lingq, but I just can’t find a good way to do it.

Has anybody tried that?

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If you can’t right click and convert the pdf into a word doc, it’s possible to use google drive to convert to a lingq friendly copy. Search youtube for the videos ‘convert pdf using google drive’

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thanks to everybody for the comments, finally i could upload it