Importing Bilingual Text on Lingq

Hello Guys,

I have a small query to make. I have bilingual texts in pdf files. German is written on the left and English is on the right. However, both are written on the same page.

What happens when you try to import such files in the LingQ system? Do you face any technical issues?

Any idea. Thanks

I’m not sure what it does exactly. I suspect you’ll have both german and english imported though which will be a pain (you’ll need to go in and ignore all the english. I’d highlight and import just the german. Even if it is page by page as it will be less work I think than ignoring all the english.

Anyway, give it a shot and see what happens. You can always delete it if it doesn’t come out like you would like and revert back to the more manual import of just the German.

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@asad100101 Yeah, it will happen exactly what @ericb100 wrote. You will then need to ignore all the English words if you want to protect your statistics, so I also suggest you to highlight and import only your study language parts.

Thanks a lot. I will see how it goes.

Sometimes bilingual texts are stored as tables so if you open it in MS Office you can just delete the table you don’t need. In practice however, it’s not always that simple, especially with PDFs.


I will study them in a traditional way. Otherwise it is a lot of work. I will stick to contents that Lingq library offers you. There is a lot to keep you busy. I was trying to know in case if someone wanted to import files like that.