Importing Assimil?

Do you have any experience with importing assimil data? I have the mp3-cd for Greek. There they have mp3s of all sentences with the sentences being the titles of these files. So the text is there in a digital form but I don’t know how I could extract it.

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On the Assimil’s mp3 cd there is as well one file with the entire audio for the lesson, in each folder there is one file that is greater then the others.

Hi Adrian, I posted about this about a month or so ago…I’ve done it for German and Spanish. Here’s the instructions I posted. Hopefully this works for you:

So far I’ve only done this with German and Spanish. The German was the “Superpack” with 4 cd’s. If I remember correctly one of the cd’s has all the mp3’s. That’s the one you want. For Spanish, I also got a new version of the superpack. This one has a usb thumb drive with all the mp3’s. If you play the mp3’s on your computer you may notice that it has the “lyrics” of the lesson you’re listening to. It has the main story and the initial exercise (not the fill in the blank). You can extract these lyrics with a program like mp3tag. The following are the instructions as I remember for mp3tag.

  1. Copy the mp3’s to your computer (this might not be necessary).
  2. Open mp3 tag and go to the directory where the mp3’s are
  3. Highlight all of the lessons
  4. Right click and click “export”. This should show a popup with “export configuration”.
  5. If I remember “lyrics” are not part of the main list of items. You may have to click on the “add” button if it’s not there. If you needed to add it then the “code” should be (i’m on version v2.90a):
    $filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_path%)%artist% - %album% - %title% - %track% - %unsyncedlyrics%
  6. Once you’ve done that you can click “OK”. I noticed that there is a checkbox “One file per directory”. This is ticked and all the “lyrics” go into one file. Nicely formatted. I’m not sure if unclicking it will create one per lesson.
  7. File is created in the same directory.
    The file will have all the lessons and it will some extra “stuff” you may want to edit out. I created a lesson for each, importing them individually and uploading the audio for each. It’s possible you can refine the “code” above to eliminate the extra info you don’t really need (artist, album, etc).
    Hopefully that helps if anyone wants to try. Older versions of Assimil might not have the mp3’s or “lyrics”, but I’m pretty sure any version that mentions mp3 should work for this.
    Note…there may be a better program to do this. I did this a couple years ago so not sure if there’s a better way.
    Another note…leave the lessons as private. As much as it would be great to share, I’m quite certain that would violate copyright laws.

Hi Christop, ich habe ein gutes Python-Skript, das die Text aus den mp3 holt und dann einen upload macht. Das aus dem LingQ Forum habe ich erweitert. Das Skript kann ich dir geben, man muss nur API-ID und collectio-ID anpassen…Gruss Martin

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Thanks, will try this!

Das klingt super - und ziemlich kompliziert für einen Technik-Chaoten wie mich. Ich probiere mal die schrittweise Anleitung von unten und versuche mich ansonsten etwas schlau zu machen und auf Dich zurück zu kommen. Danke!

Wie ich das unten lese ist, das händisches importieren. Das macht bei 100 Lektionen keinen Spass. Mit dem Python-Skript geht das ziehmlich fix. Wenn Du z.B. Deine Grichisch mp3 im gDrive oder Dorpbox hast, kannst Du mir den Link schicken und ich lade Dir die Sachen hoch (brauch nur dann Deinen API-Key). Die Assimil Griechisch mp3 wären sicher für meinen Vater interessant. Ich könnte Dir Assimil für Polnisch, Amerikansich, Französisch und Spanisch im Gegenzug anbieten… bzw. auch in Deinem LingQ Account hochladen. Nur so eine Idee…wäre win-win … Du kannst mir auch schreiben: und wir regeln alles weitere per Email.

Thanks everyone – this works for Assimil Greek as well. You can open the files in iTunes and “Get Info” and see the text under lyrics.

Klasse! Für mich ist auch schon Win-Win, wenn Du das für mich machst… ich schicke Dir das, sobald ich wieder daheim am PC bin. (nur die email wurde zensiert… :slight_smile: )

Ich habe Dir auf Deiner “Wall” (unten im “Profil”) eine private Nachricht geschrieben.