Importing Article Shows A Cookies Message Instead Of Article

Just upgraded to Premium and attempting to learn LingQ. Installed the extension and attempted to import:

DPG Media Privacy Gate

When I open the article it shows the message about cookies instead of the article. How can I accept the cookies message and import the article itself?

I found a post on the forum from months ago on this topic, but did not see a solution.

With the implementation of the EU Cookie Law mandating websites obtain informed consent before they can store or retrieve information on a visitor’s computer or web-enabled device, this is an issue with virtually every website in the EU.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll report it to our team and we will get it fixed.

FYI, this issue still persists. Would a good fix be to allow a user to navigate a website before choosing which ”screen” to import? That way I could click away the cookie warning on the preview and import the actual article.

@fabbol Can you share a link with page you are unable to import?