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I’m currently studying French on here but I noticed that eventually the content that we get to choose from gets sort of limited. So I would like to share a few articles that I find interesting and might help other learners too. But I noticed that I can’t share a lesson unless I provide an audio file. So my question is - where can I find a person, a native speaker or anyone really, who wishes to create the audio files? I don’t think I can make a worthy audio file by myself so I guess I need a little help.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You also have to make sure that you have permission to share the texts you’d like to import here. Copyright material is fine to use as long as you only use it for your private study. Anything else needs permission or a relevant licence.

I have wondered the same. Are there people who already use LingQ who would be willing to help out by creating some audio files in their native language, for content supplied by you or me? It would be nice if we had some way of finding a list of people who would volunteer to create audio files. for user content. I have a blog I have provided in English, and I would LOVE to have this available in other languages, too. It’s about Baby Gorillas Login - LingQ

As to the feeling of finding limitation in the offerings, I am currently working on two courses, and expect that both will keep me busy for a long time. I LOVE Serge’s Carnet de Voyages, about his experiences in Antartica. There are sixty readings! Having so many lessons in one course, is wonderful, because I keep encountering some of the same new vocabulary, and because I see some of these words again and again in this one course, I am learning those new words very well. That’s found at this link, if you don’t already know about it. Login - LingQ

The other thing I am working on is Madame Bovary…a long book, with many new words for me, and read by an Audiovox person with a voice almost as pleasing as that of Serge.

You can ask on the Exchange for recordings.

As Sanne has explained you should not share articles in the library if their text is under copyright.

So how does one gets that license?! By the way, there’s an article I found on Le figaro so there’s no audio file available along with the article, you see… Besides, I don’t understand who has been uploading the podcasts up to now I mean how does the whole copyright thing work and why nobody’s updating with new podcasts…?

I didn’t know about the first one. I find it sometimes difficult to find new more interesting podcasts (I’m using the app) or maybe there are limitations for non-premium users?! I’m planning to start Madame Bovary too some time soon. As for limited choice I meant that there aren’t that many topics discussed as articles etc. or maybe it would be easier to find if there was a search tool rather than choose a tag and scroll through it. I like your idea too, it would be nice to have that as an option.

I will make sure to check that option, I didn’t know there was such a thing, thanks! Oh, so you mean that for instance one can’t share an interview because it’s protected by the newspaper/magazine that has published that initially…?! I hadn’t figured that out. It’s sort of sad though that they can’t be available even if one provides the original url to the article too?!!

Unfortunately this is the case. Providing the original url does not help. By the way, even if you have gotten permission to share something you should provide the original url too.

I hadn’t thought at all about the copyright laws… Thanks for letting me know about the situation! In this case, I still hope somebody will be able to update with new podcasts on more varried topics in future too! Thanks for your replies on this topic!

There is freely available content on the web, for example, It should be possible to use wikipedia articles. So then it’s just a matter of finding some articles you would like to have audio for. Surely there are native speakers of French who would be happy to contribute the audio portion. Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre

Another option is wikiHow. wikiHow : tutoriels fiables wikiHow is a collaborative effort to create the world’s most helpful how-to guides, and is available in ten languages, including French. All articles on the site are available through Creative Commons, meaning that you are free to use that content and don’t have to worry about copyright. I am an administrator at wikiHow and I personally asked Jack Herrick, the creator of wikiHow about this. Herrick said, YES, go ahead and use wikiHow articles on LingQ. No problem. It’s easy to send him a message and verify this if it makes you more comfortable. I can help with that, if needed. Here is the link to the category page. Many topics are covered. Catégories


Thanks for all the links and information! I don’t have a problem finding articles that I like, discussing topics that I’m interested in. It’s more to the fact that I like LingQ’s system with the option to listen to an audio file. Thanks anyway, I’ll check the websites.

Wikipedia does not have copyright issues, and nor does wikiHow. I am not sure if I made this clear.

Yes, I got that. Thanks again!
The only thing that’s still uncertain is if anybody’s going to volunteer and create the audio though! :smiley:


How do we delete content after putting then online?..I want to take mine off

Go into Import and delete if it is a private lesson. For shared ones, you could take out the text and replace it with a brief explanation that you have decided to remove the content if you cannot delete the lesson. Alex may have a better suggestion, though, how to deal with this.

I think SanneT’s suggestions here are good. If you would like a more specific solution you can respond with a bit more detail about what exactly you’d like to do, then I’d be happy to offer a suggestion to achieve this.

Wikihow has loads of interesting day to day facts in French but I don’t think there’s any audio to them thou…I don’t mind posting them up if someone would be so kind to do some recording’s…I would be willing to give them point’s for their trouble of course.

Hi there, Thanks to KnowlsSome, I’ve managed to record my very first french lesson using only free stuff: WikiHow, LibreOffice and Linux (Elementary OS to not name it).

If you find more interresting free articles, let me know. FYI it took me about 1 or 2hours to make a 12minuts lesson, but I think it could be less with a few more practice…

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