Importing an audio file

If this is not the correct forum for my question, please direct me to the right forum. The “Tutor Forum” that shows up in my “Forum” list is in French, and I can’t explain this in French.

My tutor told me to “Importe le dans ton compte LingQ et écoute le souvent avec et sans lire le texte.” I understand that I am to listen to the audio with and without the my written assignment. It’s the technical part of how to do the importing that I am having trouble with. How do I do it? I’ve tried the “Import” link on my “Lessons” page, but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You’ve first got to create a lesson. Once you’ve done that then you can import the text that accompanies the audio. After you’ve done that you are able to upload the audio to the site by clicking on the “Choose File” button that appears right below the large text box. Choose the file that you want to upload and then click “Save” and the audio will begin uploading. Once this is finished you will be able to listen to the audio from the lesson page by clicking on the widget on the right hand side.
I hope this answers your questions! If you’re still uncertain, don’t be shy to ask again :slight_smile:

@Em8649 - If this is a corrected writing assignment, you should see an Import button right on the corrected writing report itself. Just click the button and it will import. Alternatively, you can simply cut and paste the text into your Import Lesson page, fill out a title, choose a category and type and “save & open” the lesson. If you need to upload audio, you can do that too. Finally, if you drag the import bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar, you can highlight any text in your browser, click the Import toolbar and the lesson will be imported and created automatically.

I hope I didn’t overload you with too much information. Good luck!


Thank you for the prompt answer. I figured it out right away with your instructions. However, I managed to import the wrong audio file the first time, but now that I picked the correct file everything is working just great. Now I can get back to studying French.


Sorry to bother you guys, but this seems to be the only topic about audio importing and playback issue in this forum? I also have a audio problem here and may i have your answer? I downloaded a DSS file on the internet (for my job’s need) and i want to import it to my own websites. However, it could not be played on my Windows Media Playyer player and I do not know why. I downloaded this audio converter as you can see (…ss-to-mp3.html) to convert DSS to MP3 for a better compatibility with my player. However, just before the converting process, it required me to preset some parameters, i know i should choose MP3 as the output. But how about the bit rate and sample rate? What do these 2 parameters mean? I have no ideas because it is my first time to convert media files. What on earth should i do?

I have never faced with DSS. But I have used MP3.
The standard saple rate is 44.1 kKz. It is the standard for CD audio. It can be higher or lower. It means the audio has frequencies up to 44.1 / 2 = 22.05 kHz. The human ear can hear the frequencies from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz.
The bit rate is the rate of MP3 compression. The higher the rate the bigger the file. Music requires 128 kbps or higher. But for human voice we may use 64 kbps.