Importing a large file

I tried to import “Arsene Lupin gentleman cambrioleur”, a collection of short stories, into my private library, but I got an error because the first chapter exceeds 2000 words. Is there a way to import larger files into your private library? I could divide the text file into three smaller segments, but dividing the audio mp3 so that it matches the text would be a royal pain. It’s easy to see why “A la recherche du temps perdu” is not available at Lingq!

One of the biggest features of Lingq for me was the ability to import novels that I’m reading and take advantage of the site’s excellent integration of audio, text, dictionary access, etc. I can see why shared libraries should be short. But private libraries should not be limited to article-length snippets.


Not exactly an error message. You misread.
By the way I shared that story before and nobody gave a damn.

It was fine before that update. Who will open a lesson with thousands of unknown words? But for advanced learners the same lesson maybe has just a hundred what is not a performance problem, I guess.
The mess in a course due to the automatical split seems to me worse.

Does it mean you took it out of the public library? If not, is it still somewhere to be found and a thorough search of the French library may unearth it?

I think I took it out of the library along with some other great liberary works. They did contain high numbers of new words. That was about three years ago when the library still had a clear display of everything.