Importer extension doesn't work on anymore!

I usually import A LOT of contents from this website, but recently I’ve been getting this message:

Error: Sorry! It looks like this page can’t be imported. Please try another site or page.

For instance, when I tried to import this page:

Please, could you fix it? That’s a useful and really
comprehensive source of German content, with audio and subtitles.

Thank you very much


I have had the same problem…

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Thanks for reporting. I forwarded this to our developers and they will look into it.

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Should be fixed now.


It works fine, now! Thanks!!

Hello, Zoran

I’m having another problem now with this same page. When I import a lesson the audio is not coming to lingQ anymore. Could you fix it, please?

Does this website has subtitles everywhere? Can you import audio+subtitles at the same time with the extension? That would be cool.

Hey, Davide! Yes, this site has subtitles pretty much on every single video. It’s a very rich source of genuine German content. And yes, until very recently it was possible to import lessons with both the audio and the subtitles.
Let’s hope LingQ team can get it fixed soon!


Thank you very much, Zoran! I really appreciate your attention. Hopefully LingQ team will get it fixed soon!

I’ve bookmarked it thanks.

Let’s hope they can fix it. I don’t see any download button for the audio in the website.