Imported Youtube videos not syncing with text

I really love the new import youtube videos feature. However, I miss syncing of audio/video and text.

Here is what I would like it to do:

Is there any way to have text and audio/video synced on Lingq?

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Sorry but that’s not possible in our reader at the moment. We are always looking to improve the site, so we will see if we can do something like that in future.


This feature would be absolutely fantastic. I hope you are developing this in the near future. There is another great feature the company in the link provides, which is you can search for any word and it will show you all youtube videos containing that word in the subtitles. Please implement this!

I am having the problem that when I import videos with subtitles, the audio doesn’t import into LingQ. I have tried with the google and firefox importers. Also, I can’t download the safari importer extension.

As I have already mentioned on several other threads, due to Google restrictions, audio isn’t always imported automatically with a lessons, only subtitles and videos are always imported. Audio importing sometimes works, sometimes not, but there is no much we can do about it at the moment, it’s on Google’s end.
In case when audio isn’t imported you can simple use any online YouTube to MP3 converter and upload it to a lesson manually.

Is this the extension you are trying to download: Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension!