Imported videos from Youtube in sentence mode: wrong sentences. Is there a fix?


I really don’t like that when I read in sentence mode my imported Youtube videos, I am not actually seeing a whole sentence in a sentence mode.

In one window I can see only the part of the subtitles that are shown in the video at that particular second: two lines max, and this is only a part of the sentence.

I don’t like it. Anyone knows how to fix it?

It is just doing it how the youtube subtitles are split up (or whisper, if there is no subtitles). It doesn’t try to reformat the text into full sentences so you’ll have to do it yourself…

You can use an application like Notepad++. Paste the entire text into that and then you need to search for connecting the sentences together. Then you will need to use “regex” to identify that split lines and get everything together.

I did find this online tool which might be the easier route, but not sure how well it works:

Join Text – Online Text Tools

Once you have the text edited you can “edit lesson”, “Regenerate Lesson”. This will make the entire text available for editing. Paste the new text in and then save the lesson. Exit the edit and go back in to edit (may be an unnecessary step but sometimes I’ve found things to not take just from the “save”. Now you need to regenerate the timestimes to match the new formatting. Save again. Do this multiple times if it isn’t lined up properly. It always may be slightly off, which you can adjust in “edit sentence” mode if it is bothersome.